‘Zabezoo. Ears’n Tale’ is a pre-school animated series . 26 episodes/5’30’’
Directed by Zakhar Marmosetty.
A charming furry girl called Zabezoo, whose Mom is a creative Bunny and Dad is a strong and smart Astronaut Monkey is the protagonist. The inquisitive Zabezoo lives with her parents, her beloved pet lizard Buddy, pals and neighbors in the colorful and eco-friendly universe of the forest city. The main mission of the series is to introduce the ideas of tolerance, friendship between national communities and interracial couples’ relationships to children.
Elements of edutainment and musicals are included in the series.
Above the production of ‘Zabesoo. Ears’n Tale’ series is an international team of talented artists.
The OST lead track, ‘Who is Zabezoo?’ is composed by legendary Russian songwriter Maksim Dunaevsky.
The series is produced by Studio 3, 2022.