Zabezoo, LLC is a young innovative startup founded in 2020 by an aspiring producer and, concurrently, a young mother, Anna Lobacheva.
The series about Zabezoo is the studio’s debut project. The producer hired a team of extremely talented industry professionals who used to work on such prosperous projects as ‘Masha and the Bear’ , ‘Babyriki’ , ‘The Fixies’, ‘Rockoons,’ etc.
The studio’s team is truly remote and international – the crew works in the U.S., Spain, Turkey, Russia, Kyrgystan.
From the very beginning, Zabezoo studio was bootstrapped according to the rules of Silicon Valley startups (The producer lived here for several years) – in particular, the company uses scrum and agile methodologies, which are more typical for IT startups, and the most routine tasks are automated with modern IT software. The company also has stock options for its crew members, as is usually used by any IT startup.
Four regular writers, two composers, three storyboard artists, two artists and four animators are currently working on the production of the series, which allows company to produce up to 10-12 minutes of animation per month.