Zabezoo Ears N Tale Stills for mass media


Zabezoo is the adorable child of a Monkey Dad and Bunny Mom. Zabezoo inherited elegant ears from her Mommy that give her charm, and, from Daddy, a flexible tail that allows her to climb trees. “So, who am I – Bunny or Monkey?” Zabezoo asks herself looking in the mirror.
Zabezoo flies in her dreams and is fond of cutting through the blue sky with the birds or to get multi-colored wings like a butterfly.
Zabezoo knows how to share both delicious fruits and an umbrella in the rain with her friends. The little girl has many friends with whom she loves playing and watching movies. Zabezoo is inventive and resourceful; on occasion, she can make a magic potion, sit with Mrs. Dilly’s egg-kid or even do a trick by turning off the alarm in her parents’ room.
‘Bingo-Flamingo!’ is Zabezoo’s favorite motto! Pick it up!