Zabezoo Ears N Tale Serie 9 Bravery Vaccine

Zabezoo’s Friends

Zabezoo has many pals: alpaca girl Lisa, beaver “nerd” Bobby, mischievous raccoon Tony and very emotional but still poorly spoken hippo girl Ella. In the forest city, there is always a place for children’s games, pranks and learning new things.
Liza is an ‘excellent’ alpaca girl, a coquette, who loves to ‘be in trend’. A ballet tutu, albeit in the form of a carnival costume, suits Lisa very much. Alpaca is very inventive in terms of creating a ‘look’ for others and well-versed in coloristics. On occasion, Lisa can stand up for herself and beat the magic hat with a mop.

When he grows up, Beaver Bobby will definitely be a great scientist. After all, the most important thing for a scientist is to be able to show his tongue like Albert Einstein. Like all plump children, Bobby is not the most agile, but he is the most intelligent. Bobby already knows what a scale is and how to properly divide fruits for the whole company. Bobby even addresses his friends as “Colleagues!”, as if conducting a chemical experiment in a laboratory. Emotionally, Bobby is not the most persistent boy and can burst into tears in front of the girls.

Did you also have a mischievous neighbor boy in your childhood? He spent hours stuck on the fence, coming up with an offensive nickname for everyone and chattering his notion in every way all day. Forest town is no exception. But the mischief in Tony is cute, and there is nothing inappropriate in a racoon’s jokes for children’s ears.

Hippo Ella is still quite a baby: she pronounces her words with great difficulty. Ella really likes to be pals with older children, she also likes to play with trains. Even for the masquerade, Ella chose the costume of a train for herself.