Animated sitcom “Zabezoo. Ears n’ Tail” presented on ROSKINO booth at EFM

Over 40 premieres – films, series and animation – will be presented by Russian content producers and distributors at EFM. The European Film Market takes place online from 10 to 17 February as part of Berlinale. 39 participating companies will unite under the Russian Content Worldwide brand at a virtual booth organized by ROSKINO with the support of the Cinema Fund.

Studio Z will present at EFM an animated sitcom with elements of edutainment and the musical ‘Zabezoo. Ears n’ Tail’, which has won the “Best Animated Series 2021” at Epic ACG Fest (USA), and is also a finalist of international children’s film festivals in New York (USA), KidsFilm Family (USA), DokuKids festival (Kosovo) and Children Cinema Awards (Netherlands).

Producer of Studio Z Anna Lobacheva: “It is a great honor for Studio Z to be represented at EFM for the second time at the virtual booth organized by ROSKINO. But if last year we showed only the pilot episode of the project, in February 2022 we enter the film market with the first season ready. Our successes in Russia inspire us: ‘Zabezoo. Ears n’ Tail’ is available in leading online cinemas, we have 8 million views in the Russian segment of Youtube and rotation of songs from the sitcom on the air of Detskoye Radio with all-Russia coverage. There will be a TV premiere very soon. At the international festivals ‘Zabezoo. Ears n’ Tail’ have already been appreciated. Throughout the year we are negotiating with foreign buyers, and at EFM we hope to close a number of deals. Many thanks to ROSKINO and personally to ROSKINO CEO Evgenia Markova for the opportunity to be represented at the Russian booth.”

In total, Russian companies will present more than 130 projects. Part of the premiere screenings for the market will take place in the format of screenings in the booth’s online cinema. Other premieres will be presented in special showcases, as well as in the catalogs of participating companies.

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