‘Zabezoo. Ears n’ Tail’ animated series in the Toddler Tales section of KidFilm Family Festival (USA)

‘Zabezoo. Ears n’ Tail’   animated series is included in the Toddler  Tales section  of  the 38th edition  of KidFilm Family Festival which will be hosted  in Dallas, TX, USA on January 22 and 23, 2022.

Screening of ‘Zabezoo. Ears n’Tail’ episodes is scheduled in Toddler  Tales Short Films section on Saturday, January 22, at noon.

For nearly four decades, the festival has brought together directors and producers of children’s content from all over the world, as well as audiences of all ages. Thanks to the sponsors of the festival, admission to the film screening is free, which makes it possible for the widest sections of the population to participate. In the 2022 program, not only films for young viewers will be presented, but also book novelties from all over the world.

Films presented in the festival program are dedicated to the themes of equality, tolerance, the importance of family ties and friendship, adventure and travel, ecology and care for the environment.

Participation in the KidFilm Family Festival program, designed for a wide audience of all ages, is a very important step for the creators of ‘Zabezoo. Ears n’Tail’ after winning the Best Animated Series nomination at the Epic ACG Fest in Los Angeles and reaching the final of the New York Film Festival.

‘Zabezoo. Ears n’Tail’ is liked by a wide audience and in just 3 months has already gained more than 6 million views in the Russian segment of Youtube.

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