‘Zabezoo. Ears n’ Tail’ among the finalists of the New York Animation Film Awards

‘Zabezoo. Ears n’Tail’ animated series reached the final of the New York Animation Film Awards in the USA.

The cartoon tells about the life and adventures of a multiracial furry named Zabezoo, who was born in a family of Mom-Bunny and Daddy-Monkey. The series is being released by the independent animation Studio Z. “Zabezoo. Ears n’Tail’ is the debut work of a director Zakhar Marmosetty. Maxim Dunaevsky was one of the composers.

This is not the first success of the series ‘Zabezoo. Ears n’Tail’ – in October the animated series became the winner in the nomination ‘Best Animated Series’ at the American festival EACG Fest.

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